The prodigal boy. There are so many doubts about his true age. Almost everybody is wrong when they try to guess it. In fact, when we look at his CV, we basically don’t know where to start: he started to get noticed in the world of scratch and turntablism - 4 Championship titles, man! - both in individual and group categories. Then, he was on tour with mandatory names, like Mind Da Gap (the “portuguese Wu-Tang”, as we like to call them).

In addiction to his titles and awards, he has been one of Monster Jinx’ thinking heads since the beginning. Besides his technical skills, he is also a great entrepreneur. And he’s also a headliner at festivals, parties….with lots and lots of gigs every year, it’s very likely he’s already been your master of ceremonies at your best parties. What else can we say? Once a prodigy, always a prodigy. Have you ever heard of Slim’s plan?