24 years old SlimCutz has already put in a decade as a DJ. He first got noticed in the turntablism circuit, where he celebrated 4 Championship Titles, both in individual and group categories.  

From there, he started playing gigs everywhere, toping 100+ shows a year and making his position rise in the line-ups every year. Yeah, he’s now headlining festivals.

Outside his position as one of Monster Jinx’s founders, he’s been Mind da Gap’s official DJ since 2011. Given that they are what everyone refers to as the “Portuguese Wu-Tang”, you see what that means. SlimCutz also keeps his own FM / live streaming show “Na Roça com os Pratos”, which doubles has a national radio and internet broadcast program. 

And what does he do outside that? He keeps tending to and growing his ever-expanding record collection.