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Monster Jinx Beat Camp #03


Monster Jinx Beat Camp #03

Monster jinx Beat CAmp #03

Album Credits:

Master: Diogo Figueiredo
Artwork: Confeere ( www.instagram.com/confeere_/ )

*Shades on*. Summer is here, and so are crowded beaches, hot temperatures, cold drinks, bikini photos on Instagram, sunset parties and - last but not least! - our Beatcamp.

This third volume comes with new and fresh songs from MAF, Maria, E.A.R.L, Darksunn, Taseh, XANDO and No Future, in order to fullfill your summer playlists, creating the official soundtrack of your endless roadtrip, summer romances (why not?) and it’s ready and recommended to be played loud on your portable speakers.

Confeere is the man behind the exclusive cover artwork. An emergent street artist you’ve also have to pay attention too.

Summer used to be the musical silly season. But not anymore. Beatcamp vol.3 is out, and the livin’ is easy, right?


O Verão. “Aquela” altura do ano. A época das praias lotadas, do calor, dos cocktails, dos sunsets, dos festivais e - como não poderia deixar de ser - da nossa Beatcamp.

O terceiro volume da Beatcamp chega agora com novos (e frescos) temas da autoria de MAF, Maria, E.A.R.L, Darksunn, Taseh, XANDO e No Future, que vêm preencher as playlists das idas intermináveis para a praia, sendo a banda sonora para (mais um) verão sem fim. Recomenda-se até que sejam tocadas perto de uma piscina e conservadas num ambiente fresco.

O artwork surge pela primeira vez pelas mãos de Confeere, artista emergente da streetart que tem vindo a marcar pontos além fronteiras, e que merece, sem sombra para dúvidas, a nossa atenção.

A silly season musical é agora a época alta. Vamos a banhos, então.

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Numerology says number five represents “the center”. The harmony. Five is the number for union, protection — like a pentagram — and, obviously, magic. 

And that’s exactly what ROXO 05 represents as well. The union of we all and our spells to awaken your senses. In our 11th year of live, we have 11 new tracks. We also have flowers, new places, we pray for tay k freedom, and so many other things you’ve got to explore. 

With a very special artwork from Bruno Lisboa, ROXO 05 comes out as a good guy, who could perfectly be one of us. He represents hip hop culture, he enjoys looking good, but the most important is what’s on his inside. Those 11 tracks which represents his feelings, troubles and questions turned into beats by the hands of Arekkusu, Darksunn, E.A.R.L, Ghost Wavvves, Maria, No Future and OSEB. 

To complete the harmony, you can grab your limited K7 edition to complete your collection. Now sit back, relax and enjoy.


Mixed and mastered by Diogo Figueiredo

Artwork by Bruno Lisboa - http://ohbrunolisboa.tumblr.com // https://www.instagram.com/ohbrunolisboa/ // https://www.facebook.com/ohbrunolisboa/