dgtldrmr - "Random Acts Of Faith"


dgtldrmr - "Random Acts Of Faith"

dgtldrmr - "Random acts of faith"


Part A

It was definitely a skull. Human. It looked Human. Everything Zu had studied about the ancient species seemed to confirm his assessment. Would anyone believe him or the authenticity of his finding? Traces of anything Human hadn’t been found in centuries.
And what kind of contraption was the skull attached to? A heavy block made of a petrified substance he couldn’t recognize engulfed the osseous vestige. Some SPACE GREY tubes ran around it and some kind of measurement device had been speared into the cranium’s top…

Cannibalines. The word rung in his head. The monsters from the stories — fables really — he heard growing up. Not distinctively biologic or technologic at first, just beings IN LIMBO. Born as metal, they were said to require a comatose living being to feed their ability to… function. And by functioning they became more and more alive, until they were indistinguishable from an actual biological entity.
Non-sense. Ghost stories. It is unlikely to find an untaped Human skull, that is true. But the skull is right here and Humans did exist. It has been proven numerous times. But Cannibalines are just tales. The contraption had to be some piece of archaic medical device the Humans used. It had to be.

Part B

Colonel Er Minx arrived shortly after Zu gave the call. His jet black airship had barely touched ground when he leaped out and started walking towards him. He greeted Zu with a short nod. No official salute and no word whatsoever. He frowned at the object on the turned earth for a short second. Then he scowled at Zu while signaling his crew to move faster. They were unloading an heavy box, a container of some sort. It seemed his finding was getting picked up.
Er Minx put an hand on Zu’s shoulder and brought him aside, while the other corps rounded the contraption and began wrapping it up with a reflective black-gold cloth. “You know, Lieutenant, some say we live in a POST-TRUTH world,” he spat. “And I’m very aware that you are the kind to believe such a thing.”
“I will not deny it, Colonel, sir.”
“I see. You may also know that I, for one, have attended many a FUNERAL to even entertain those thoughts.”
“I’m not sure I understand, sir,” Zu replied. From the corner of his eye, he could glimpse the other troopers carefully lowering the contraption he found into the container they had brought.
“Well,” the Colonel said, his tired voice full of scorn, “let me make it clear for you. Many have died to protect our kind from what you may refer to as ´the truth´. You may feel our current state is some kind of LIFE BEYOND FICTION, but I guarantee you, this is the best option for everyone. This much, you deserved to know. We thank you, deeply, for all your effort and dedication.” A soft click and a leathery sound alerted Zu’s senses.

Suddenly, Colonel’s Er Minx gun was drawn and pointed directly at him.
At his face. The cold metal touched the tip of his nose and almost tickled him. Then he smelled death and something exploded inside his mind. For a fraction of a second, both his eyes saw different things. Then, all was purple. 

Mastered by: Diogo Figueiredo

Copywrite by: Pedro Tavares

Cover Art by: min

Photography by: Tiago Lessa

Artifact: Miguel Moreira e Silva





Monster Jinx Beat Camp #01

Monster Jinx Beat Camp #01

MOnster jinx beat camp #01

You can learn a lot from people by the way they choose to spend their summer. But being a notoriously elusive bunch, Monster Jinx artists might not be that easy to track.

Thankfully — for those of you curious out there — they got tasked to do a song about it. Seems like the Great Purple Monster designed an MJ themed beach ball and matching trunks  to hook all of ya’ll for the summer and needed some music to go along with it. 

So here’s our compilation for your summer days. And feel free to guess what each artist’s summer song is actually about. As a bonus, we’ll share some of homie Stray’s bets about it with you. According to him: 

“DarkSunn’s track is about going full Jamaican on your co-workers as you step out for your holidays, finger pistols blazing all the way out the building”. 

“Ghost Wavvves did a track about riding candy painted Cadillacs on Streets of Rage. You know he makes the “G” on “G-Funk” stand for “Gaming”. 

“J-K’s track is about that single shady bar that’s always open on weeknights on your block”. 

“Maria’s track is about getting denied by homegirl at the pool party and trying to play it like you too good for that biatch, anyway.”

“Raez’s i think is actually literally about a drone in the sky. Like he saw a drone in the sky and got like ‘yo, this is inspiring me to make a song’.” 

“E.A.R.L.’s track is definitely about being denied entry at the club ‘cause you ugly, son. Still, you party outside, half devastated, half fuck it we ballin’.” 

“NO FUTURE’s about some #deepshit that probably revolves around how he feels about sportswear."

“Taseh’s is about what he thinks to himself on summer nights, as he stands in a balcony looking over the city somewhere, and contemplates the meaning of existence/wishes Drake would hop on his beats.” 

“dgtldrmr’s is all about the nostalgic feeling of playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 all night on summer vacations back in 2001.” 

Enjoy your summer.

We got our Purple Water Swim Trunks and Beach Ball here.