OSEB is the perfect anti-perfect product of the internet-post-starsystem-era or any other made up hyphenated name that any pseudo-intellect could come up with. That’s no-bullshit bullshit bullshit. Yeah, it’s true that he was born in Paris and then he moved to a small countryside town in Portugal just after moving again, now to Lisbon. It’s true that he hears almost every kind of music style and has a degree in architecture. Yeah, much multi-cultural such artsy, wow. 

But what matters is that this guy is another skinny white guy that likes to waste his life lurking on the internet, and like almost all internet wannabes he tried to make music. The thing is, he’s good, and makes whatever kind of sound he wants, is into or just wants to try. The world didn’t make him, his curiosity (and low life) did. Since he’s now rocking with the Monster Jinx crew, a label made of misfits, his future can only be bright. Fuck what the real-life internet thinks.