In what comes to art, there’s only one rule: No limitations. “Limitations” as in stereotyles, presumptions, at all. No Future came to this world to teach us this. We may like the most erudite piece of art, or the most “guilty” hit pop ever: that’s not what makes us more or less cool. You don’t learn how to be cool. You are born cool. And No Future was clearly blessed with coolness.

His productions reflect that, reflect his elegance and the union of references which come from the most antagonistic musical universes. After all, there’s nothing more important than the versatility of a producer. And, obviously, his freedom. No Future doesn’t allow himself to be caught by genders, neither by those “limitations”, and although his name may sound a little bit defeatist, when we listen to his productions, we can realize that there’s still hope. Hope in music, in humanity, in the world, in general. The only thing we need is to be free.