Eclecticism: that black hole where we send all the producers to when we don’t know exactly how to categorize them. But with MAF’s history, it’s not as misleading as it seems.
His roots are related with punk rock - and sometimes they’re still noticed - he’s part of the cliché of those who have always grown listening to and discovering new music. He’s a cool kid since ever.

Regarding his releases, there’s a strong probability that you’ve already met him in the global catalogs, and despite the schizophrenia of his CV, there is a solid, strong and constant connection with hip-hop, which is possible to find through many electronic music genres.

All in all, MAF is as modern times’ wizard. He uses his beats as rituals of worship, celebration or black magic, always with the greatest of refinements. There is also a sentimental side that comes to the top when least expected, always being majestic. Just like him.