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Beat Camp 2


Beat Camp 2

Monster Jinx - "Beat Camp #02"

*Please read in your best Fresh Prince voice*

Summer, summer, summertime
Time for Beat Camp, the MJ kind
Here it is the groove highly transformed
Just a lit bunch of beats from the swarm
Just a little somethin' to break the monotony
Of all that cloutcore bang that has gotten to be
A little bit out of control, well take a stand
Its all about the groove that soothes, that moves romance
Heres a soft subtle mix
All of it is woke so don't try to sleep on it
And think of the summers of the past
Adjust the bass and let the JBL blast
Stream our BC and let us run a while
And put your car on cruise and lay back 'cause this is summertime.


Mastered by Diogo Figueiredo
Artwork by Bruno Lisboa - // //





Maria - "Cor e Forma"

Maria - "Cor e Forma"

maria - "cor e forma"

Contemplation isn’t what you think it is. 

Contemplation isn’t about sitting quietly taking it all in. 
Nor is it about reflective thought or deep meditation. 

Sure, it can take you there. But it isn’t what it is about. 

Contemplation is about color and shape — and not only to your eyes. 

To your ears, too. 

Maria’s debut EP on Monster Jinx concerns this concept. 

The producer is affected by chromesthesia, a condition where sounds trigger you to experience color. For this project, he tried to control the condition, rather than just experience it. He decided to shape it. 

Learning how to paint with sound, Maria realized he had to shape himself a contemplative journey — not an explosion of color, more of an immersion of live pigmentations, washes, iridescences. 

Or whatever the music wanted to look like those late afternoons. 








This one is a girl.

ROXO04, the latest installment of Monster Jinx’s ROXO series is now available on restricted-edition cassette, digital download and streaming services. The cover art features a piece by painter Jorge Charrua and there’s even a special edition that comes with a print of it.

But back to the girl. Musicians on the label were challenged to create songs for this one girl that epitomizes Monster Jinx musical sensitives. Not songs about her. Songs for her.

Music for her ashen days and chained happiness. The type of music she snuggles with and the type of music that gets her elated. Songs that linger at 2 AM. That type of stuff.

But who is this girl? Jorge Charrua tried to capture her on canvas. Maria, NO FUTURE, E.A.R.L., Raez, Roger Plexico, DarkSunn, Ghost Wavvves and OSEB addressed her on production.

Is she someone you know? Is she you?

Let us know.