pretochines (roughly translatable as “blackchinese”) was born in Luanda, Angola, having spent his early childhood in the hard and heavy Cuca neighborhood. Soon enough, he moved to São Paulo, Brazil and got to witness Baile Funk and Bossa Nova first-hand, which he quotes has his earliest influences. 

Still 7 years old at the time, a tragic mugging ended his stay in that side of world and brought him to Cacém, Portugal. Music was already his biggest passion at the point, and has he found himself surrounded by yet another culture, set of friends and influences, he began producing.

Eventually, Hip-Hop — from Boom Bap to Cloud Rap to Trap — started playing a big part in his musical output, mixed in with his African and South American references and a whole lot of longing for the future of music. 

But it’s really all about the method. pretochines makes music by fixing mistakes. That’s his process. Instead of building upon, like a painter would, he builds down, like a sculptor will.

Any amalgamation of sounds and sources will do. Then, it’s time to make it right. 

That’s his Zen. His escape. He just wants to make music that makes you feel — whether  like head-nodding, soul cleansing or hyping the fuck out.